Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sorry for the lacks of entries, for some reason this year has been a downhill slump with no motivation or energy, affecting every aspect of my life and this heat isn't helping much especially since the a/c broke this week. A replacement piece has been ordered and hopefully it will be up and running by the end of this week. fingers crossed.
I have been crocheting at night to release my stress and have finished one blanket finally and started another one (pictured above) but I still have 2 more blankets that need to be finished. It really feels good to see a completed project and I can't wait to work on the rest before starting anymore. I thought I was going to use this blog to help me finish my projects and I was doing so well but as always life gets in the way. I need to continue and document my projects once again and hopefully commit this time, so here is my waterlily afghan which will include 42 squares with 6 completed and out of the way and 36 more to go. Timeline is undetermined at the moment but it took me 1 week to finish 6 so I am calculating about 7 weeks. Oh, that is a long time. Wish me luck...

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